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TorrentWare can help you share files through BitTorrent, a widely used P2P protocol. The client has a nicely designed interface and, if you have previous experience with file downloaders, it is unlikely that you have any difficulties to find your way with this one. Unfortunately, though, there is practically no documentation about its usage.

There are basically two types of tasks you can perform with this program. First, there is downloading, which starts when you add a torrent link. The other is called “seeding” and it means that you are acting as a primary source of data for other users. You should also know that during the downloading process, other users can download parts of the data you have copied up to that moment.

The main window of TorrentWare shows a list of the current tasks, which you can filter according to their current status, such as downloading, seeding, completed, paused, resumed, active, inactive and failed. This helps you keep track of the tasks quite efficiently. Luckily, it is also possible to view a graph showing the speed of the connection at a given point in time.

TorrentWare has many advantages that make it quite competitive in a market crowded with other similar tools. One of them is that it lets you schedule the use of the available bandwidth in such a way that it does not slow down your Internet connection at the time you are most likely to use it.

Another convenient feature is that it has a built-in search engine that lets you find the desired torrents, but you should know that it requires Python installed on your system. Good news is that it can keep your data protected from intruders by using various encryption algorithms. Likewise, you can control the whole process remotely via the Secure Web User Interface.

All in all, TorrentWare is a great alternative if you need to share contents through a secure peer-to-peer connection. The program is lightweight and runs in the background without tempering system performance. However, if you use the BitTorrent protocol only as a sporadic means of sharing data, it is probably a better idea to look for a general file downloading tool, since many of them already support torrents as well.

Pedro Castro
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  • Schedule bandwidth use
  • Built-in search engine
  • Powerful encryption algorithms
  • Efficient tracking of your tasks
  • Remote control via web


  • Poor documentation
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